Friday, January 15, 2010

Rest in Peace Grandma Joye

This morning, at 6am, we received a call. When your phone rings at an early hour like that, you know it's not good. Unfortunately, we knew this was a call that would be coming at any time.

Roberta Joye Thompson passed away. "Joye" is Brady's grandmother and the sweetest woman I've ever met. The mother of 8 children, she was strong... very strong. Married to the most wonderful man, Robert Thompson, who passed away a few years ago unexpectedly.

Joye was put on hospice care last month. Leukemia entered her body and after a long fight of breast cancer (which she overcame) and another disease, which I don't remember the name of at the moment. She had a long fight with her health and assured us that she had a full life. She was ready to meet Jesus and be reaquainted with her one true love. Although I'm happy she's in a better place and isn't in pain, it's still difficult.

I had a very delightful thought enter my mind about 45 minutes ago and I'm going to continue to remind myself of this when I get sad. I imagined Joye in heaven speaking to her husband, Bob. She says to him, "Bob, Brady and Shauna visited about 2 weeks ago and they have this perfect little baby boy. He never cried and was just a delight. Oh, and they named him after you!" Bob says, "This I know, dear. I sent him to them, as I did with their daughter. I would only pick out the best for them." Now that, makes my heart smile.

Our children, Alayna Joye and Colton Robert are named after these two outstanding people. I have never met any individuals as amazing as Bob and Joye and I'm so happy I was a part of their lives. Rest in peace.

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