Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fabric Designing, Potty Training and a Funeral

This week I created a custom fabric and entered it into a contest.  I'm excited to announce that I won; therefore, I'm getting 2 custom made diapers with my fabric. I'm soooo stoked!!!  My little man's bum will look so cute in his daddy's little helper hammer/wrench diapers.  :)

Other things this week...

We've been potty training Alayna and it's been going very well.  She's at the point where she's pee peeing on the potty on an average of 8-9 times per day with only 1-2 accidents.  She cries very hard when she has an accident and it's adorable.  I know that sounds horrible, but I find it very awesome that she cares so much about making it to the potty.  This girl is ready to be toilet trained!

Yesterday we traveled to Oklahoma City for Grandma Joye's memorial service.  It was nice to see family that we never get to see.  It just stinks that it takes death to get everyone together.  The service was nice and dinner at Ingrid's German Deli was AMAZING.

Tomorrow Colton gets dedicated at our church.  

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