Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alayna Tries Cloth

I noticed that we're getting pretty low on Alayna's disposable diaper stash and we really don't have a whole lot of money we can spend right now before next pay day, so hey... why not try cloth on Alayna, right? I also had the idea that she'd dislike the more bulky diapers and the wetness she'd feel, thus wanting to start going potty on the toilet again. She did real well and let me take my time to get the prefold and cover on just right (she's small enough to use her little brother's diapers which I bought big so he could use them longer, thankfully). She was so excited to have a purple (her favorite color) snappi holding together the prefold and she was also excited to have froggie "nee nees (panties)." Boy was I wrong for thinking she'd dislike them! She didn't even tell me when she peed b/c she didn't want to take them off.... yeah. When I told her we had to change them, she picked the jungle cover to use after the froggies. We tried to remove them for night night time so that we could put her in an overnight disposable. Oh no! She threw a hairy fit. She wanted to wear her jungles. So, we'll see if she leaks overnight or if the prefold will hold it all in. I'm kind of worried she'll wake up because I wasn't able to take it off to put a doubler inside to hold more fluid. I guess time will tell! Enjoy the pictures...